Athletic Training in North Dakota

The North Dakota Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. is a member of the Mid America Athletic Trainers Association (MAATA, NATA District V) which is composed of seven-member state athletic training organizations. The state associations for Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and South Dakota comprise the district association population of the 11 districts within the National Athletic Trainers Association numbering over 5000. The MAATA (www.maatad5.org), organized over 40 years ago, has a rich history of leadership from members of the NDATA. The National Athletic Trainers Association, Inc. (NATA) is considered the “parent” organization of the profession. 

Established in 1950, the NATA (www.nata.org) represents over 30,000 athletic trainers worldwide. Based in Carrollton, Texas, the NATA establishes and supports standards advancing the profession of athletic training. The Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) sets the standards for the practice of athletic training. The BOC is the only accredited certifying body for athletic trainers in the US. The BOC (www.bocatc.org) was incorporated in 1989 to provide a certification program for entry-level athletic trainers and recertification standards for Certified Athletic Trainers. The entry-level certification program is designed to establish standards for entry into the athletic training profession.

NDATA Board of Directors

District 5 Representative

Nikki German Knodel PhD, LAT, ATC – Athletic Trainer- Sanford Health, Paraprofessional – SVSE



Alyssa Albrecht, MS, ATC – Safety Specialist – Central Plains Ag/CHS


District 5 ATs Care

Vice President

Shannon David PhD, LAT, ATC, ROT, PES – Associate Professor – NDSU – Professional Athletic Training Program, Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science

All things committees



Jordan Wolf, ATC – Athletic Trainer – Sanford Health – Fargo North High School 



Nolan Love, ATC – Athletic Trainer – University of Jamestown


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